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Our Onboarding Team is here to help! If any of your questions are not answered in the sections below, please feel free to contact us at onboarding@ecathleticclub.ca

ECAC will be home to 100,000+ sq ft of amenities, including: 

Existing Facilities Reimagined
  • Aquatic Centre 6-lane 25 Meter Lap Pool and an Adjustable Height Lesson/Class Pool  
  • Fitness Facility. First Class Cardio and Weight Equipment +10,000 sq ft  
  • Two Squash Courts 
  • Full Size Multi Sport Gym (Pickleball, Volleyball, Basketball, etc.) 
  • Running Track 
New Amenities
  • Two Food and Beverage Outlets – Casual Dining and Café 
  • Four Golf Simulators  
  • Two F1 Racing Simulators/Arcade Games 
  • Full Nordic Spa Including; Hot Tub, Cold Plunge, Salt Therapy Room, Infrared Saunas, Dry Float Tank, Multipurpose Treatment Room
  • Luxury Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms with Steam Rooms 
  • Luxury Family Locker Room and Accessibility Men’s/Women’s Locker Room With Direct Pool Access 
  • Library 
  • Squash Lounge (subject to City approval) 
  • Wellness Clinic 
  • Members Wellness Lounge and Patio 
  • Virtual Fitness Studio, Spin, Row, Individual Virtual Stations
  • Functional Fitness Studios 
  • Yoga, Pilates/Reformer Studio 
  • Drop-in Fitness Programming  
  • 3rd Floor Rooftop Patio (subject to City approval) 
  • Childminding Services 
  • Privacy Pods  
  • Third-party Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Related Treatments 
  • Family Fun Room/Family Sim 
The pricing structure of ECAC consists of a one-time Initiation Fee, and on-going Annual Dues.

The Initiation Fee and Annual Dues vary based on your Membership category. 

The Initiation Fees as of June 4th, 2024 are:
  • Individual Membership  
    • Initiation Fee: $12,500 
    • Estimated Annual Dues: $2,400
  • Family Membership 
    • Initiation Fee: $19,500 
    • Estimated Annual Dues 
      • Primary Member: $2,400 
      • Spousal Member: $1,680 
      • Non-Dependent: $1,680 each 
      • Dependent: $500 each 

  • Spousal Membership  
    • Initiation Fee: $17,000 
    • Estimated Annual Dues 
      • Primary Member: $2,400 
      • Spousal Member: $1,680 

ECAC and Telsec Property Corp are finalizing the structure and pricing of our Equity Memberships; more information will be released in the following months.

Existing members will be offered the first right of refusal on Equity Memberships prior to their public offering. Equity Members will not be offered any additional access or Club privileges.

ECAC plans to open in Q1 of 2025.

Yes! ECAC members are welcome to introduce Guests to all amenities with restrictions on frequency of visits and guest numbers. The premium casual restaurant is the only amenity at ECAC that does not have restrictions on guest visits.

The Club is offering an exclusive membership option for Corporate Accounts.

Corporations that Sponsor five or more Individual Members will have initiation fees completely waived. The current value of the initiation fees is $12,500/membership. The sponsoring Corporation will be responsible for the Annual Dues for these accounts.

Please note that are only 500 memberships available for Sponsored Individuals under this offer with waived initiation fees.

Click here to apply for Corporate Membership: https://www.ecathleticclub.ca/discover/corporate-account-application/

Key points about Corporate Accounts:


  • For Corporate Membership eligibility, individuals must either be employees, contractors, or principals of the sponsoring corporation. 
  • These accounts apply solely to Individual Memberships. To include spouses or dependents, a Family Membership must be purchased separately. 
  • Corporate Accounts are responsible for the dues of their sponsored employees, and the 2025 Estimate Dues Rates are $2400 per Individual. 
  • Membership under Corporate accounts can be transferred only among employees of the sponsoring corporation. These memberships cannot be transferred to individuals personally, nor will there be a discount for Corporate-sponsored members if they choose to convert to Individual memberships in the future. For personal control over your membership, we recommend purchasing an Individual or Family membership at the listed price. 

ECAC currently owns no parking in the downtown core, so cannot offer members any priority parking at this time. Club Management is actively considering multiple solutions.

While a portfolio of offerings will be included in membership, such as general access to facilities and drop-in bookings, members can expect individual charges for services including but not limited to personal training, registered programs, leagues, private instruction.  

All programming offered, for youth or otherwise, will be based on member demand.

ECAC will be offering legacy programming that former YMCA members loved, such as drop-in basketball and badminton, as well as a range of youth programming, such as golf, basketball, floor-hockey, and racquet sports, as well as swimming lessons. Our interactive mirrors in our fitness areas will serve as instruction terminals for our membership at no extra cost, however, as mentioned above, one on one programming as well as professional-run classes will be subject to additional fees.

ECAC is an upscale, downtown Club. While we are excited to offer families ample programming and amenities to support family interests such as swimming lessons, family fun room, sports programming, and more, given the location and offerings of the Club, ECAC will be predominantly an adult, professionally skewed membership.  

At ECAC, we are cultivating an inclusive and safe environment where staff will know your children’s names, and your children will feel at home. Our goal is to foster a community where your family can thrive and create lasting memories. 

In short, we understand that kids are kids, and we are excited to welcome all of their energy to our Club. 

Weekends at ECAC are designed with families in mind. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect: 

  • Aquatics: Multi-week swim lessons catering to all skill levels. 
  • Golf: Junior golf classes led by professionals in our Golf Simulator area. 
  • Squash: Development programs for junior players. 
  • Fitness & Recreation: A variety of activities in our full-size gymnasium, including floor hockey, basketball, pickleball, and badminton. 
  • Dance & Movement: Parent and child classes in our fitness studios. 
  • Childminding: Available on weekends to give parents peace of mind. 

ECAC is an exclusive, members-only, private club with no public access. Guests are permitted by invite from an active Member.  

ECAC is a privately owned and operated athletic club. A division of Telsec Property Management Corp., management and operational decisions within the Club will be made by Club Management in consultation with Telsec. 

Memberships will be capped at 3,500 Member Equivalents, which will equate to approximately 4,000-4,500 total users of the club.  

Equivalency References:

  • Primary Member = 1.0
  • Spousal/Non-Dependent = 0.75
  • Dependent = 0.25

Any funds allocated to the Club will be refunded in the event the Club does not open. The viability of the Club is not reliant on membership initiation fees. Initiation fees will not be placed in trust until Club opening.  

ECAC will offer members secure, self-serve, daily bike storage for no fee. Monthly valet bike and golf club storage will be offered for a fee as availability allows. 

While hours are subject to change based on member usage, we expect the Club to be open from 5AM – 11PM on weekdays, and 6AM – 10PM on weekends, with the restaurant hours extended based on demand. Amenities will open throughout the day based on necessity and usage.  

Annual locker rental will be available in both the Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms for an annual fee as capacity allows. Designated day-use lockers can be used in all four locker rooms at no charge. Annual lockers may be rented in the Family and Day Locker Rooms at request. A Primary Member Account is permitted a maximum of 1 Men’s and 1 Women’s locker.  

While we do not currently have any reciprocity agreements in place with other clubs, we are diligently working to build a reciprocal list to offer our membership an array of Clubs that they can visit while away from Calgary.  

Corporate Members will be eligible for Equity opt-in, however the structure of this agreement has not yet been determined.  

If you have purchased a Family Membership, you are welcome to add Dependents in the future. If you have purchased a Spousal or Individual Membership, you are able to upgrade your membership to a Family Membership and add Dependents then. The addition of family members after a membership upgrade could be subject to a Wait List, should a Wait List be in effect.  

While we expect members to generally adhere to the dress code in effect, we have flexibility on what is determined to be casual wear. For instance, members would not be prohibited from wearing golf shorts or chino shorts on the Social Floor, however, would be prohibited from wearing gym strip while visiting the restaurant.  

Yes, any personal services such as personal training sessions or private squash lessons will have fees. Registered programs, like golf leagues or swim lessons, will also have fees. Additionally, some fitness programming may incur fees.

Currently, we do not anticipate that amenities like the golf simulator will incur fees. However, we may implement a nominal booking fee (e.g., $10) to prevent overbooking and ensure optimal use of the space. Any costs associated with amenity use would be below market value.

Our programming will be driven by demand. Working closely with our Athletic Director, I will create a schedule pf programming based on member interests. Your participation and feedback will help us refine and expand our offerings seasonally to ensure they remain relevant and exciting. 

Our Adult Programming will include a variety of options to meet diverse interests and fitness levels, including but not limited to:

  • Fitness Programs: Including Cardio, Mind/Body, and Strength classes.
  • Racquet Programming: Offering activities such as badminton, pickleball, and squash.
  • Golf Programming: Including lessons and leagues.
  • Masters Swim Programming: Structured swim sessions for adults.
  • Social Programming: Engaging events and activities for socializing and community building.
A division of Telsec Property Corporation